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“Mathesis universalis”/ Universal Science/ Holistic theory

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LEIBNIZ (1646 – 1716) was advanced in 300 years, advocating Universal Science (“Mathesis universalis”). In spite of introducing the binary positional system (base of the current computer science), the limited knowledge of that time on the information, made impossible something more. The “Mathesis universalis” (=Universal science), or simply the “Unification of forces”, or the integration of the confronted branches of physics, can only be built if it is based on the underlying symbolic information systems. LEIBNIZ would have needed the knowledge of these information systems, which began to discover science !200 years later!

From the middle of the last XX century, science had to accept that the phenomena of life were governed by information. Genetic information in this case, coded on the basis of a material support, the molecular sequences of DNA. The symbolic basis of this language are the “Codons”, which are grouped and structured to dictate the biological behaviours.

Even half a century before, FREUD contributed that the symbolic information systems of the psyche govern the prolific human behaviour. Its base is not directly material, but are signals and symbols of virtually unknown coding, which circulate through the nervous system.

Human knowledge, one of the most prominent specific faculties of the psyche, has been shown (1996, “Conceptual system”*) to be perfectly represented and described on the basis of elementary information, the cognitive triads formed by two related concepts (aRb), with which through theirs groupings and structuring is formed all form of knowledge, however complex and profound it may be.

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The informatic computation, symbolic information systems based on signals that circulate through material hardware (note the analogy with the psyche), has revolutionized civilization, allowing technologies (communication, …) and automatisms (the bad-called “Artificial Intelligence”, …) absolutely unthinkable a little more than half a century ago.

It is unquestionable that biological, psychic and cognitive dynamics can not be explained without some information system that governs them. As all cooking recipe, what we call “processes”, in the realm of reality, are only intermediate elementary states, which always progress (and/ or are described by man) through some informational/ virtual expression. Reciprocally, information systems allow man to automate and/ or simulate all dynamic. The “Mathesis universalis” (=Universal science) advocated by LEIBNIZ, it is only possible to build it if it is based on symbolic information systems.

Also in the middle of the last century, John BELL demonstrated mathematically (resolution of the “Paradox EPR”) the need for an “unknown sub-quantum level” to explain the most basic physical phenomena. Shortly after it was progressively empirically confirmed (by CLAUSER, ASPECT, GISIN, ZEILINGER, …) with the phenomena of “Entanglement” in which there appears an exchange of information that eludes the material characteristics hitherto known (giving way to the Instantaneity, Delocalisation, …, which contradict the hypothesis of Relativity).

In a surprising convergence of quantum and computer phenomena, in the physical Particles have recently discovered exceptional information processing capabilities (superposition and quantum computing) that the physicists want to apply. Has such exceptional processing capacity for physical particles existed for 14 billion years without being used to date? It is unquestionable that such information processing already existed from its inception, and can only be justified by the calculation of interactions with the other particles, to meet the strict intrinsic laws of physics.

Universal science is not a superposition of sciences, nor a pluridisciplinarity. It is a higher level of science that has as elements to all sciences, with its own methodology applicable to all of them.

A example of universal science.  Through the transfer processes of information and of methodological elements between different systems  -basic and repeated phenomena but still ignored by science-  the holistic theory also provides an evolutionary link between the different domains studied by science: from the information underlying the physics, was derived the information that governs life (genetic, immunological, …), and from this was derived the psychological information that governs human behavior (see “The origin of life” in the sub-menu “Life and Information“). Such progression has motivated the new structure of this Web.

There are no isolated/ closed phenomena, some are derived from others through transfers of underlying information, which is the evolutionary nexus. Thus, the sciences are not isolated/ closed either. The information makes possible its integration into one, the universal Science, the “Mathesis universalis” of LEIBNIZ, the “Tree of Wisdom/ Arbre de la saviesa” (1 page, in Catalan language) by Ramon LLULL (1232-1316).  Fewer still there are sciences “invented” by the man (as it tried the “mathematical Formalism”, disassembled by GÖDEL). We should be more humble, less anthropocentric …: our knowledge results from “recycling” our intuitions, which are fed by transfers from our internal processes (see “¿Qué es la Inteligencia?” 36 pages in Castillian/ Spanish).

In the same way that in 2015 I was suggested to make a compilation of the mathematical aspects of the Conceptual System  (which originated the document “Bases matemáticas…” [=”Mathematical Bases …”, 82 pages in Castillian/ Spanish]), I has not yet done the same with the elements of the “Mathesis universalis”/ Science universal. The basic concepts of them they are distributed in various documents (some of 1996, in language catalan, listed in the sub-menu “Theory of Knowledge“, in “WordStar” format, so they have not yet been able to be migrated to the current formats that allow pdf’s,). At the moment you can find some elements of the “Mathesis universalis”/ Universal Science in documents translated into English:

– “The ‘miracle’ of a 23 weeks very premature newborn: matter or information?“, 2010, 32 pages, English version of Núria PARERA i PERA).  A testimony of an exemplary mother, maximum exponent of the “Maternal instinct”. What is a miracle for medicine because it can not be understood, is easily explained from the perspective of the underlying information systems. In advance to there future empirical discovery it exposes of the existence of “Metadata” in genetic information, a feature that is still unknown by geneticists.

– “The Holistic theory (English summary)” (2010, partial exposition pending revision and update, 17 pages). It begins explaining the reiteration of natural phenomena of the utmost importance and in different areas (physics, genetics, cognition, …) that in all cases are represented by the algebraic Duality and the “Star” Operator of the differential Geometry, which surprisingly still ignores science; the Operator Star is a fundamental element of the “Mathesis universalis”.

Other documents, some in Catalan and others in Castillian/ Spanish are not translated into English. They can be seen in the sub-menu “Mathesis universalis [CAST/ ESP]” (in Castillian/ Spanish).

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Collaboration is suggested for the translation into English of the following important document (45 000 words; contact: cucobo@gmail.com):

– “What is Consciousness?” (“Què és la Conscienciació?“, 2007, 76 pages, in Catalan language).  In 2005, the journal Science (“Science” 309 (5731) 2005 july “25-125 questions”) posed “What are the biological bases of Consciousness?” how one of the 25 most important challenges that science has yet to solve.  If the bases are not known, it is surprising that they are said to be “biological”. This is why they are not found, because how the document explains, they are not biological, but are symbolic-informational. Despite writing to the Editor Alan LESHNER (2006, 7 pages), he did not answer, so it is pending to translate to English and publish. The letter also addressed other issues that have generated the physics documents (in the sub-menu “Physics and Information”). The document deals with integrated aspects of psychology, mathematics, biology, genetics, physiology, psychomotricity, …, what had never been done beforeIntegrates “oriental” behaviors with “western” scientific methodologies.  The concept of “Self-Application” and its importance in the sciences is exposed despite still being ignored.  It is also explained for the first time why man can do mathematics, how foot reflexology works, the process of automomification of Tibetan monks, etc.


Contact: cucobo@gmail.com

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