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… BELL … raised … the need for an “unknown sub-quantum level” …  … with the phenomena of “Entanglement” in which there appears an exchange of information that eludes the material characteristics hitherto known (giving way to the Instantaneity, Delocalisation, …, which contradict the hypothesis of Relativity).  There are no hidden variables, simply that the information is neither material nor tangible.

…  have recently discovered exceptional information processing capabilities (superposition and quantum computing) that the physicists want to apply. Has such exceptional processing capacity for physical particles existed for 14 billion years without being used to date? It is unquestionable that such information processing already existed from its inception, and can only be justified by the calculation of interactions with the other particles, to meet the strict intrinsic laws of physics.

…, physical phenomena also have underlying information and not just descriptive information by man.  Underlying information supported in symbolic system, based necessarily in informational-virtual signals and symbols, analogous to computer science or the psyche.  These symbolic systems represent them by (-M +S): non Material support, Symbolics.

But in spite of this physic experts continue to reject information as a basic factor.  Information that would avoid falling into anti-causality, a current anti-causality that contradicts its alleged condition of science. Information is used as something marginal, still not intrinsically integrated with physical theory (it is not until 1959 that SZILÁRD associates Entropy with information, to solve one of the inconsistencies of Entropy).

Thus for more than a century, as a consequence of the unexpected implications of MAXWELL’s equations (limit of “c”, …), when trying to justify them with the Einsteinian hypothesis of the “Dilation of time”,  theoretical physicists fall into contradictions and even absurdities that should not occur in science.  Sometimes leading into infinite errors as in the “Vacuum catastrophe”.

There is a hypothesis that avoids all of the above, so it is strictly a correct theory. With it, information is introduced into the basis of physics in a fully empirical and calculable way. This is the “Processing time of the intrinsic information of physics” (a system of information previous and independent of the materialization, the “unknown sub-quantum level” required by BELL), which explains without any contradiction or paradoxes:

– all known relativistic phenomena (providing the necessary hemisimetricity and functionality in the LORENTZ Transformation, allowing the harmonization of Special and General Relativity);

– quantum phenomena (and harmonizing them with the relativists) and

– much more (see below).

For the versatility of the information (as a CPU, wich can process all kinds of programs), as fifth dimension, the “Time of processing intrinsic/ quantum information”, it does not require any more dimensions in the physics (otherwise, a gazillion times imaginary  —NOT empirically—  as in the “String theory”).  Three dimensions of space, two of time.

Physics must incorporate three new informational/ virtual Phenomena, which exist but are not real, do not belong to the material Universe:

1) the underlying quantum-prematerial Information,

2) your necessary Processing, and

3) the required Processing time (which, because of the aforementioned virtuality, does not manifest itself directly in our material Universe, manifests itself empirically indirectly, comparing the clocks of the systems in relative motion between them),

which allows us to explain the following outstanding questions of current physics, or avoid their contradictions, or improve their understanding, which fully validates the hypothesis (as opposed to the current “Dilatation”, unsatisfactory for its numerous contradictions, and for not solving any of the aforementioned following questions):

1) Temporal/ real hemisymmetry of the Universe, with an invertible LORENTZ factor, distributed according to the masses.  As explained ahead, this avoids the absurdities that derive from the time relativistic symmetry, and solves relativistic paradoxes. It also provides answers regarding mass: ¿increase in mass with speed?, or, ¿increase in kinetic energy by the “Local velocity”?.

2) Individualized/ differentiated states of physical particles (due to their very many quantum superposition), only explainable if subjacent information exists.

3) Quantum computing, due to the inherent processing of such information.

4) Physical delocalization, because information does not require either space or distance.  “Entanglement” in a subyacente information system that’s independent from distance.  “Delayed-choice entanglement swapping”.

5) Vacuum energy, but a vacuum full of information, and the CASIMIR effect in dielectrics, with the management of material energy from the subjacent information.

6) “Memory of water” due to coded information in molecular super-structures (analogous to the ADN coding of genetic information), which in turn justifies the unexplained individuality of snow crystals. “Water – Life” association, due to the possible informational transfer between both (demostrated by L. MONTAIGNER, 2014, see,  between information on molecular water superstructures and genetic information (electromagnetic emissions of DNA).

7) Uncertainty principle of HEISENBERG, clearly explained later in “Information or Dilatation”. Tunnel effect.

8) Limit of “c” in the transport of energy in the Universe, and absence of mass in the photon, also explained here.  The Polariton (“miraculous” infinite decelerations-snapshots of the Photon without the slightest impact, followed by an absolute rest and a subsequent infinite-instantaneous acceleration).  Surpass “c” in OPERA.  Surpass “c” in the diagrams of (STÜCKELBERG-) FEYNMAN.

9) Epitaxy (coordinated growth of crystals, only explainable with the transfer of subjacent information).

10) Radioactive decay, an “old” phenomenon that nobody gives any importance any longer, but to which in more than 100 years it has not been possible to give a classical or quantum explanation, because it is only explicable if there is an exchange of underlying information between the atomic nuclei.

11) Materialization (the so bad-called “Big Bang”); Black holes;

12) Entropy and its “disappearance”; Entropy in the materialization of the Universe (the so bad-called “Big Bang”).

13) Energy and Dark Matter.

14) Ether (!!informational, not material!!) and unifier of the physical “Fields” (due to the informational versatility in symbolic support).

15) Impossibility of “confinement” of the Quarks, since they reflect the information associated with the waveform nature of particles (like “Shadow play” with the fingers).

16) What is Time?, origin and components: LIEBNITZ’s relative time and NEWTON’s fixed time, both explained later on.

We have to:

– information of the genetic code is transferred to the psyche (for example, the instincts);

– the genetic code, exchanges information with material molecules (the aforementioned experiment of L. MONTAGNIER, 2014).  See also in this website “The memory of water” from 2009 (only in Catalan language, 18 pages, anticipating the phenomenon and framing it);

atomic nuclei require control information to transmute (“Decay”);

physical particles can manage information (quantum computing);

photons (non-material due to their absence of mass) exchange information (Entanglement).

So as much as it may surprise, no natural structural level can circumvent the need for an underlying information system, as well as the information transfers between them (see that link in the “Origin of Life”, in the following sub-menu “Life and information”).

In view of these previous facts, If the reader does not agree with the following document, you can only try to improve it, because anything else would be ridiculous due to continue ignoring the existence of information at the base of any natural dynamics.

Faced with such affirmations, the reader may wonder what,

“If so, why has not such a theory been diffused and imposed?”

It is clear that this should be answered by the physicists of the “MainStream”, remembering the many cases of scandalous errors of the scientific community for cannot accepting new paradigms. To put a single example and related, the case of SUTTON in the early twentieth century, geneticists took half a century to accept the evidence of the role of DNA in the transmission of hereditary characteristics. Many scientists, whether physicists and/ or mathematicians (GÖDEL, ESSEN, SELLERI, …), have warned of the wrong direction that has had physics for 110 years.  And although it is harder and harder to accept that dogmatism and authoritarianism have hijacked physics, there are to have the courage to start over and reintegrate all the equations of theoretical physics since then, with the dissociation of time (the famous “dt”) in:

– “Material time” (the one that the clocks measure), of unity of measure always fixed, the NEWTON time, and

– “Processing time”, which is a variable function according to the different speeds of the systems considered (when we deal with high-speed phenomena), the LEIBNIZ time.

everything that is treated in the following document  “Information or Dilatation”.  For a better understanding and contextualization, the following document has a predominantly pedagogical and anecdotal exposition.

Information or Dilatation“.  2015.  Brief and didactic summary of 11 pages with forceful arguments of a necessary change of paradigm of physics, based on information. Resolution of the antagonism between NEWTON and LEIBNIZ with respect to the Time. Resolution of the relativist contradictions and explanation of multiple questions of current physics already commented, how the 1), 7) and 8) above cited.  The document is not important as a critique to the current state of theoretical physics and/ or to expose the errors that have dragged on for more than 100 years, but for providing a new paradigm based on the underlying quantum information, which solves it.

PS (2019-01-09): The use of the photon as a message encryptor is recent (Jian-Wei PAN, disciple of A. ZEILINGER):  which can hardly be explained without the novel perspective of the photon, given on pages 12 to 14.

Other documents, some in Catalan and others in Castillian/ Spanish are not translated into English. They can be seen in the sub-menu “Física e Información” in Castillian/ Spanish).

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