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From SUTTON (1877 – 1916) that, in the early twentieth century (1902), proposed the role of DNA in the transmission of hereditary characteristics, genetics lost half a century because geneticists took these 50 years to accept such evidence.

So that, from the middle of the last XX century, science had to accept that the phenomena of life were governed by information. Genetic information in this case, coded on the basis of a material support, the molecular sequences of DNA. The symbolic basis of this language are the “Codons”, which are grouped and structured to dictate the biological behaviours.

Curiously, after 50 years of negationism, genetics was imposed as the “Mother of all sciences”, following the historical “localist” traditions of science: egocentrism, anthropocentrism, Ptolemaicism, heliocentrism, … Thus even at the beginning of the 21st century, genes inevitably predestined all human pathologies, and even their social behavior as with the “killer gene”. Until, as of 2007, geneticists had to accept, not without enormous resistance, epigenetics (genes are not “expressed” univocally, but also in function of their environment), which questioned all the correlations established to date, and even opened a reflection on Lamarckism.

Independently of the previous tendencies of the prevailing orthodoxy (the “MainStream”), the objective fact is that in addition to the genes, neither the functioning of the immune system nor that of the proteins can be understood without their informational function.

The “Origin of life” is one of the main problems that science has to solve, but it is an equivocal concept, because with this one wants to know only “from where” it has come, from what place, but this what is secondary, anecdotal, because somewhere it originated.  The important thing is the process by which it originated (in the place or places where it happened), and this is not even considered by science, probably because today it is still a problem too difficult for her. Despite this, the Holistic Theory, contemplating the “Transfers of information and methodological elements”, allows to advance the solution, which can be seen at the beginning of “The Holistic theory (English summary)” (2010, partial exposition pending revision and update, 17 pages), or in the Addendum at the end of “Bases matemáticas del Sistema conceptual (intrínseco y exacto)” (=”Bases Mathematics of the conceptual system [intrinsic and exact]”, page 81, in Castillian/ Spanish) with:

– the Energy of the vacuum (that is, the pre-material Phenomenology, constituted by

– the underlying Information of the physics, and

– the Energy of the Photons, Photons that if they do not have mass is precisely by its origin “pre”-material);  ⇒

⇒ the dynamic CASIMIR Effect in dielectrics (manifesting said Vacuum Energy, and transferring information);  ⇒

⇒ the high dielectricity of water and its questioned “Memory” (which allows us to understand why water is intimately associated with life, are how “mother” and “daughter”, when the water molecules and the sequences of DNA chemically have no relationship);  ⇒

⇒  in aqueous dilution, what allows the electromagnetic emission of the bacteria’s DNA,  recently discovered (L. MONTAGNIER, 2009). Are not these waves the optimal support of information?  See the shocking 2014 video  (L. MONTAGNIER, Nobel 2008), with the transmission of genetic information via water.

Note, on the other hand, the repeated manifestation of the “Star Operator” of differential Geometry, which by the aforementioned possibility of transference appears:  in Quantum physics (Duality corpuscle – wave); from DNA to the function of amino-acid synthesis of the Codon; in children, in the conceptualization of “Phenomenon”, and in the beginning of relational cognition to those of 4 years (see “Bases matemáticas del Sistema conceptual [intrínseco y exacto]“, the part “Geometric invariants, algebraic duality” , page 30); in the linguistic syntax (CHOMSKY already retracted, himself, from his “grammatical-genetic” hypothesis); in the passage from first-order logic to second-order logic; in the economy (interest); in the relationship between physical energy and the misnamed Oriental “energy” of the Chakras; in the stimulating action of Reiki; etc.

It should not be surprising, then, that the information is manifested repeatedly in all facets of human life, and more especially in its early years (pregnancy, birth of new born, imprint, neonatology, …). It is confirmed by the following documents, one of whose “leit motiv” is the underlying information.  They are only available in English:

– “What causes autism?“, a brief think over that. (2008, 21 pages with the Annexes). Again, “Science” (2005) asks the wrong question:

“Probably different genes contribute to this disconcerting disorder, as well as unknown environmental factors. A bio-signal for early diagnosis would help to improve the existing therapy, but the cure is a distant hope “,

besides very innoportune, because in the following years the Epigenetics invalidated such assumptions, giving almost exclusive value to the environmental factors, that which are the ones proposed in the document (so a” biosignal” can hardly be found).  Especially the exchanges of information that supposes the stimulation of the child according to his last fetal months, the birth, the imprint and the first months of life. From the analysis of available statistics, autism is correlated with new borns with births with alterations, a silenced reality. Includes letters to Alan LESHNER (Science) and Philip CAMPBELL (Nature), not answered.

– “The ‘miracle’ of a 23 weeks very premature newborn: matter or information?“, 2010, 32 pages, English version of Núria PARERA i PERA).  A testimony of an exemplary mother, maximum exponent of the “Maternal instinct”. What is a miracle for medicine because it can not be understood, is easily explained from the perspective of the underlying information systems. In advance to there future empirical discovery it exposes of the existence of “Metadata” in genetic information, a feature that is still unknown by geneticists.

Other importants documents, some in Catalan and others in Castillian/ Spanish are not translated into English. They can be seen in the sub-menu “Vida e Información” in Castillian/ Spanish).

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