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Sistema ConceptualSistema Conceptual

Beauty is, first found, in the same cognitive structures that facilitate it


(the answers are slowly being added to the website)

The 25 (and 125) most important questions that science has still to answer (according to the "Science" magazine, 309 (5731) 2005 july “25-125 questions”).
Reflections: letter to A. LESHNER, Science (ScienceLESHNERWeb.pdf) 632 kB

"What is the Biological Basis of Consciousness?" ANSWER

“What Genetic Changes Made Us Uniquely Human?” ANSWER

"What causes autism? A brief reflection" (AutismENG.pdf)  22 kB

The “Memory of the water”, ¿a non-scientific esoterism or an essentials  –and completely scientific–  step to explain the appearace of life and/ or the inexplicable behaviour of water?
ANSWER ("MemoriaAiguaNature.pdf")  2009-03-12 205 kB. Include a commented letter to "Nature" magazine.

"Why do we dream?", "Why are there critical periods for language learning?", "Is morality hardwired into the brain?", "How much of personality is genetic?", "What gave rise to modern human behavior?", "What are the roots of human culture?", "What are the evolutionary roots of language and music?" … (pending)

Science questions

¿Why premature newborn babies have the servitude of suffering from long-term effects, among which serious cognitive deficiencies? ("The Lancet", 371, 2008-03-08) ANSWER (TheLancet.pdf)   138 kB

¿Mathematics is an exclusively/autonomously human creation? ¿How can a human being do mathematics? ANSWER

¿What is the explanation of the fully accepted and unquestionable phenomenon of podal reflexology? ANSWER

Some questions to think about

If it is already known that there are no alphabetical structures in the brain,  ¿why do we keep on sorting concepts solely in alphabetical order (pending)

If computers manage virtual structures (like the structures managed by the knowledge) and if it is already known that in the brain there are no structures in the form of pages or lines, ¿why do we keep on using pages with computers –like the web pages- which is a very archaic way of representation, which goes back thousands of years (the papyrus)?  (pending)

¿Which faculties –either basic or compounded- intervene in the cognitive process? ¿How do they work?  (pending)

¿Is it possible to put in order concepts according to the age at which they can be acquired by children? ¿Is it possible to sort knowledge?  (pending)

¿Is it possible to analyse the cognitive causes of school failure (not the ones of an emotional nature) and to solve them (pending)

¿Is it possible to break down complex/ difficult knowledge into its elemental/trivial components?  (pending)

¿Is it possible to define concepts as exactly/ unequivocal like the numbers (pending)

¿Is it possible to define exactly what life is?
¿Is it possible to define exactly what culture is?
¿Is it possible to define exactly what imprompt is?
¿What is strictly and how is the “wisdom of nature” explained, an intuitive approach defended by many scientists?

¿Is it possible to learn ten or more times faster than how we learn today?  (pending)

¿Is it possible to optimise the development of childrens’ intuition and intelligence(pending)

¿Is it possible to improve the learning process of mathematics? ¿Is it possible to learn mathematics from language(pending)

¿Why do we frequently think better after having slept? ¿Why have many discoveries been found whilst dreaming and not consciously thinking?  (pending)

¿Why are CHOMSKY’s language postulates wrong (today even abandoned by himself)?  (pending)

¿What are the laws of the pedagogy that VIGOTSKY wanted to discover?  (pending)

¿What is the mathematical formulation of the cognitive processes that PIAGET wanted to discover?  (pending)

¿Why couldn’t WITTGENSTEIN find an “ideal language” of exact signs that would only allow to formulate “correct proposals”? Is there a “Universal Language” as it has been repeatedly searched? How should this language be? ¿Would it be possible to do exact translations and without any mistakes(pending)

Today we know the excellence of the positional numeric systems (the usual decimal, the binary/digital one used by software, …) to represent quantities. ¿What would happen if in the future we used a system of a similar efficiency to represent all concepts, to acquire any knowledge (learning, pedagogy, …), to reason and, in general, to think? ¿What specific applications could be developed?  (pending)

Some explanatory questions

¿What is the relationship between the “Universal science” and the “Holistic theory” and the “General systems theory” of BERTALANFFY? ANSWER

¿What is the relationship between this website and the educational proposal of Wilhelm REICH? ANSWER

¿What is the relationship between this website and the theory of the “Continuum” of Jean LIDLOFF? (pending)

When using exact concepts, ¿should we replace the letters by numbers? Is language going to become dehumanized?  (pending)

¿How many different conceptual systems can be built? ¿Are we going to build again a “Babel Tower” –as we did with languages-, with so many different systems as institutions that build them? (pending)

If we talk about “conceptual system”, can we also talk about “cognitive system”? ¿are they the same thing or are they two different things?  (pending)