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Sistema ConceptualSistema Conceptual

Beauty is, first found, in the same cognitive structures that facilitate it


Sistemes Complexos SL (Sant Josep 67; 08340 Vilassar de Mar; Catalunya; Espanya.  34+937 595 035. NIF B-17350711) has the following purpose:

"Provision of advisory services and implementation of projects and studies, within the fields of education, culture, knowledge, information and land organisation. The study and software development of complex systems” (Article 2).

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- If you have something to say –other than silly comments- don’t be shy, follow your intuition and your common sense. For the moment, you have the above-mentioned email address to contact us, ask us questions and/or give us your opinion. Thanks you for all your comments. We are explaining a new paradigm and we need to know your perceptions/ points of view.
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The purpose of this project within the area of knowledge is not for profit, but of social use, this is why, if you think many other people should have access to this information (among other reasons, because you can’t find this information anywhere else), you can collaborate with us in two ways::

1) First, we would like to broaden significantly the audience of this website by translating it into English. This wouldn’t be too much, about 10,000 words, but we would also need to translate the most significant Documents attached, which would mean a total of approximately 200 000 words.
2) To finish the software development and the content of the Core of the conceptual system, as well as indexing the English, Spanish, French and German versions of the website. 

You can collaborate (by writing to us at

— with a financial contribution (the cost of the translation is 0.1 Euros/word); or
—  if you are a native English speaker (or if you know this language very well and can translate in a similar way to a native speaker) you can collaborate by translating Documents or parts of them

All contributions will be listed in the website (if you don’t want your name to appear you can use a pseudonym).


La Catalunya del segle XXI compiles proposals on the future of land organisation and infrastructures in Catalunya (=Catalonia). These proposals were made by an interdisciplinary team of 16 experts and collected by a political party on the occasion of the Catalan Parliamentary elections in 2006.